Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector

Clinical Supply Company

Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector

Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector

Clinical Supply Company

100 per bag
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Looking for ways to reduce patient discomfort? Choose Clinical Supply Company for high-quality and affordable solutions for your dental office. These unique dental saliva ejectors offer a suction tip designed to enhance patient comfort and reduce the risk of gum inflammation. Improve the experience for all your patients when you shop our economical dental saliva ejectors.

The Comfort Plus™ Premium Saliva Ejector uses a patented design featuring rounded edges, smooth surfaces and perfectly placed suction ports that help to enhance patient comfort while protecting delicate mucosal tissue.

Unlike traditional blunt-ended dental saliva ejectors that can lock onto tissue and traumatize patients, the unique streamlined Comfort Plus™ suction tip design:

● Reduces patient discomfort

● Optimizes fluid removal

● Minimizes trauma to mucosal tissue

● Facilitates uninterrupted fluid and light debris removal

● Prevents tissue from blocking suction

● Allows for extended use

● Provides you with greater efficiency

The Comfort Plus™ Saliva Ejector is also perfectly bendable, yet firmly holds the shape you create.

Latex: No
Made in USA: Yes