Over a quarter-million patients are using OraCare. Why haven’t you tried it for your patients? 

When it comes to treating issues such as bad breath, dry mouth, tobacco use, or yellow/white staining on the tongue, you know the best course of action is an oral health rinse. But most oral health rinses, like Chlorhexidine, can cause an increase in tartar, mouth irritation, tongue, and tooth staining, among other unwanted side effects. These side effects make it challenging for many professionals to recommend a rinse to improve patients’ oral health. 

OraCare health rinse is uniquely designed to harness the power of Activated Chlorine Dioxide to provide a better, safer, and more effective alternative to traditional Chlorhexidine rinses. 

Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes OraCare a better option for your patients. 

What is OraCare Health Rise? 

Oral rinses are one of the best ways for dental patients to reduce inflammation, and there are countless choices available. Since each rinse is slightly different, it can sometimes be challenging to discern the best option because of misleading marketing claims. Previously, dentists were in a unique position of having to know the difference between clever marketing and actual scientific claims 

Now, OraCare has completely changed the game for dentists all over the country. The OraCare health rinse is formulated using Activated Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) as the main ingredient. For almost 200 years, CLO2 has been used for disinfection in other industries. Its versatility has made it ideal for textile, medicinal, wastewater treatment, public health, personal hygiene, and other household uses. In low concentrations, Activated Chlorine Dioxide can be beneficial to permeate places where liquids and solids can’t go. 

All of the properties of CLO2 are what make OraCare Health Rinse an effective alternative to Chlorhexidine. When it comes to your patients’ oral health, OraCare will: 

  • Not cause staining 
  • Break up Biofilm in the mouth
  • Kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Not cause any bad taste or chemical side effects

How Does OraCare Health Rinse Work?

OraCare is a 2-part oral health rinse that is designed to be easy and effective for dental patients. The process to use OraCare is simple: 

  1. Pump 4 equal amounts from each bottle into the provided cup
  2. Allow the mixture to activate for 30 seconds
  3. Swish the mixture around in the mouth for 30 seconds and then spit

The Activated Chlorine Dioxide will do its magic to leave your patients’ mouths clean, smooth, and refreshed with no harsh side effects. 

What Are People Saying About OraCare Health Rinse?

We understand that it’s essential to take the advice of your peers and other dental professionals within the industry regarding the products you offer your patients. There are countless articles online touting Chlorine Dioxide’s benefits as a safer and more effective alternative to what is currently available within the industry. 

Below is some of the honest feedback we’ve received about OraCare from dental professionals around the U.S.:

"Over the years, I've tried a heck of a lot of different mouthwashes and rinses, and OraCare is far superior to anything else I've used." - Fred Joyal, Founder, 1-800-DENTIST

“I can’t believe it..we just started carrying OraCare this week, and we are almost out. We are having patients pre-rinse with it and that’s basically what’s selling it.” -Gina Cashion, Cashion Dental, College Station, TX

“We are overwhelmingly pleased with the OraCare rinse. We are using it for multiple things, especially dry mouth and gingivitis!” - Amy, Glick n Woods Dentistry, Tullahoma, TN

Where to Buy OraCare Health Rinse

To make this powerful mouth rinse available to the masses, Clinical Supply Company has proudly teamed up with OraCare to deliver this innovative product to dental professionals around the country. Reach out to Clinical Supply Company directly for information on how to purchase. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to dental professionals and look forward to helping you and your patients experience the benefits of OraCare.