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We're Livin' on the Edge

We're Livin' on the Edge

               Every time I say that phrase, I have to say it like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. For a brief moment, I get a small boost of energy, and then it goes away because I can’t remember any other words from that song other than the phrase above! Maybe I should listen to the song, or maybe I should just lead in to why we are living on the Posi-Prene Edge. Last time I spoke about the regular Posi-Prene, but I really didn’t touch on the newest product here at Clinical Supply Company: Posi-Prene Edge.

                We were thrilled with the market response to the original Posi-Prene. We saw many doctors breaking their longstanding loyalty to latex in favor of our polychloroprene. Nurses were calling in, saying their friends at other practices recommended “the green gloves” and they had to try some for themselves. Yet, as with everything in life, we try to make things better. We try to advance technology, efficiency, and convenience so that it ultimately translates into an easier lifestyle or environment. This is where the Posi-Prene Edge comes into play. We wanted a product that brought all the benefits of the regular Posi-Prene, but at a reduced cost. So, after years of research by our manufacturer, we were finally able to release that product, the Edge, back in January of 2016.

                  This time, it was a little bit easier to dive into the marketplace because we had established our name with the regular Posi-Prene.  People were aware of a glove made out of polychloroprene. So, as is with everything in life, people ask “What’s the catch”? Well the catch is that the Posi-Prene Edge is made with a little less material than the regular Posi-Prene. Same formula, same glove, but better in sensitivity and performance because it molds to the hand better. Did I mention at a reduced cost?

                   By offering these two types of Posi-Prene, we provided our customers with a broader space to think about how they use gloves—and how to order more efficiently. Instead of using one type of glove as a catch-all for dental hijinks across the board, our customers were invited to consider the demands of their various procedures, and then to order gloves with grip, durability, and performance to match.                    This also helps to minimize glove waste. For example, the Edge glove is ideal for quick, low-intensity/high performance examinations, while the tougher, regular Posi-Prene is more cost effective in the heavier-duty, elbows-skyward-for-leverage type of dental work. The kind of dental work where hygienists are moved to say “you’re gonna need a bigger torque wrench.” Then again, some doctors swear by the original Posi-Prene for all procedures while others swear by the Edge. Ultimately, the Posi-Prene experience is now a spectrum for our customers to find a niche of comfort and efficiency that suits them. And, obviously, we encourage our customers to hum “Livin’ on the Edge.”

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