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Sales Representatives: They're Who You're Gonna Call

Sales Representatives: They're Who You're Gonna Call

          When you call Clinical Supply Company, we understand that your priority is to put as much time and attention as possible towards your patients and minimal time on the phone with your suppliers. When there’s no time to call in, our website’s a great tool on the rise for placing even quicker orders. Each day, more of our customers are beginning to try web ordering. Often times a customer will try it out and stick with it unless they have a specific question they need to verbally discuss with their rep. We love to see that, no matter how much it makes us feel like Empty Nesters. Thanks, internet!

          For time’s sake you might have developed a routine of racing through the website without stopping to smell the flowers, or rushing through a call-in order to get back to your adoring patients. That brings us to today’s CSC Word to the Wise: the next time you place an order, take some time to talk with your sales rep. They’re eager to learn more about you and your office—that way they can suggest strategies to cut costs and save your time in the long run.

          It all starts with knowing your sales rep’s name. As simple as it sounds, this prevents you from waiting while we search for your account, and ultimately transfers you to your rep much faster. For bonus points, knowing your Customer Number is a guaranteed order accelerator. If you take a moment to write that down and have it ready when you call in, we can pull up your account in no time! (This is also a quick way to earn the coveted reputation of a Savvy Customer who knows the lingo of efficiency… should that be a concern.)

          If your office places the same order on a regular basis, you might benefit from having your sales rep arrange an autoship for your account. They’ll work with you to keep track of your order quantities and frequency, then recommend a schedule to automatically ship products to your office. With autoship you’ll receive a call from your rep to make sure you’re ready for your scheduled shipment, you can update/cancel whenever you like, and feel free to order extra supplies in between autoships as you see fit.

          For the times when you have more than a brief minute to place an order, ask your rep about our other products. Your rep is the most familiar with your office’s needs and they’ll be able to recommend products you’ll find the most relevant. They’ll keep track of your feedback and adjust their recommendations based on your preferences.We also now have a LiveChat feature on our website for any quick questions that you feel doesn't warrant a phone call.

          Have you heard of our Featured Items Brochure? Our Sales Representatives have been working hard to expose our customers to the every-day office items that are used in the majority of dental practices. Click here to look at some of our products that are on the rise throughout dental offices. You might even be tempted to take advantage of our Promo Code “SAVE10” and try a new product!



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