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Posi-Prene: Changing the Business Model

Posi-Prene: Changing the Business Model

                From the birth of Clinical Supply Company in 1988, until 2012, CSC barely kept our head above water month after month, year after year. We were a small business that many people didn’t consider giving a shot because we didn’t have a big name like Henry S***** (that’s a bad word around here). We survived due to our loyal customer base and our unprecedented customer service. So, what happened in 2012 that put us on the map? We took a chance on a type of glove that no one had ever heard of. A glove that was made out of polychloroprene. What is polychloroprene?

                Back in 2011, CSC was in contact with our manufacturer about the development of a new glove. As we all know, technology moves very fast and there are always better ways or better products that are developed to help make this world better. Well, this glove had all of the benefits of your top-of-the-line latex glove (feel, grip, durability, and performance), but it didn’t carry that latex allergy that has become so common today. The product? It was a glove made out of a material called polychloroprene (or neoprene, like what wet suits are made of). It sounded nice on paper but would it really change the market and change our business for the better? We had to get it into the hands of our customers and get some feedback first.

                So, we had our manufacturer fly in some samples that we could get out to our customers. The feedback was tremendously positive, to say the least. Everyone kept asking, “What is this? When can I buy this? I love this glove!”. That’s when we knew we had something on our hands that could be a game changer. Something that would put us on the map with that company called Henry Sc**** or Pat****** (also a bad word around here). Immediately, we put the word out to our manufacturer to go ahead and start production for us to land a shipment of this new polychloroprene glove.

                At last, the birth of the Posi-Prene. It felt like decades had gone by, where we were waiting for this product to arrive. After so much positive feedback and people waiting for their first order of this new glove, it was finally here. And then, it was gone. Literally, gone! We couldn’t get it out the door fast enough because everyone wanted this new polychloroprene glove! Every single minute of our time during the work week was now dedicated to getting this product into people’s hands. We no longer talked about latex or nitrile to our customers or potential customers. We put all of our cards on the table, and they were all Posi-Prene. But, how could we reach even more dental practices? How do we get our foot in the door and make people listen to us that this is a product they need to try? Let’s have a highly known reviewing company take a look at what we have to offer so that their peers trust us.

                After months of searching for a well-known reviewing company, we finally put that mission on the back burner and continued with our daily lives of pushing this product to our prospects whether they liked it or not. “Just try it,” we’d say, “the glove will do the rest”. Until we hit gold in 2013, with reaching a prospect that had a close contact within a big reviewing company by the name of Gordon J. Christensen’s Clinicians Report. After reviewing our glove, they finally featured the Posi-Prene in their July 2013 Clinicians Report, and boy was that a game changer. People now believed that our product was reputable, and were requesting samples more than we were calling on people to beg them to try it.

               Fast track to 2017, and Posi-Prene is now a household name, at least we’d like to think it is. Clinical Supply has grown exponentially since the launch of the Posi-Prene thanks to our long-time customers and the new customers we get every day that love a quality product in their hands. It’s been more than 5 years since the launch of the Posi-Prene and we are still bringing people on board every day that want to be a part of the next big thing. Speaking of the next big thing, have you heard of our Posi-Prene Edge? It’s kind of a big deal. I guess that will have to be the next topic!


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