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Phone Sales Vs. Online Shopping

Phone Sales Vs. Online Shopping

          When Clinical Supply launched in 1988, cold calls were the pulse of sales pitches. Before we were surrounded by competing modes of communication, the world was still green enough to tolerate talking on the phone. Almost 30 years later millennials begin to populate the workforce, armed with years of voiceless wish-fulfillment, and the world seems intolerant of phone calls. “Where does Clinical Supply stand between phone- and internet-business?” is the question searing in everyone’s mind.

          To this generation’s credit, digital ordering has undeniable benefits; there’s a physical record of the transaction, clarity provided by the written word, convenience, and the comfort of communicating in a medium that feels familiar and trustworthy; a native language. We respect the kinship between creature and machine. We’re also working with customers who, when we mention our website, reply that they don’t have or need the internet in their office, doing just fine without it thank you very much.
So, we’re beginning to lean into a spectrum of ordering preferences with our website and phone business. Two roots sustaining the same green Posi-Prene tree.

          Part of our mission at Clinical Supply is to provide industry-leading customer service. We like to establish that service by creating a trusting, two-sided collaboration from the beginning. We feel that we best serve our mission by speaking to customers on the phone, in the early stages at the least. That being said, our website has strengths that help to optimize our phone game. For example, as much as we yearn to use our phones to rattle off product names and descriptions at auctioneer-speed, we simply can’t do that. Such a wall of words is better to encounter online where users can browse organized groups of products and photos. Product information can be reviewed before or during a call with a sales representative who can supplement information, recommend relevant products, and discuss budgets. Or, customers can simply place orders online. Whichever avenue is convenient and appealing, we’re here to help.

          In our office, the phone-world is a roulette of cold calls, inbound new customers, and returning customers. Instead of churning out cold calls around the clock, our sales reps mix these genres all together. This way the sales team can stay updated on customer activity and feedback, which is more difficult to discern from automated/online ordering. Not to mention maintaining customer relationships, which then energizes the team with our trademark Clinical Supply pizazz.

          Next time, we’ll get back to the star of our show (the gloves themselves) and how they’re the perfect icebreaker. (For a date? For a potential customer? Stay tuned!)

          **If you’re reading this, you are half way to ordering online! Or you can pick up the phone and dial 800-468-0188 to test out our customer service skills. The choice is in your hands (or on your hands).