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Feel the Difference with Our Latex-Free Gloves

Feel the Difference with Our Latex-Free Gloves

Let’s take a look back at the Posi-Prene genesis. Before anyone knew exactly what these latex-free gloves were, our priority was to put the glove center stage under a shimmering spotlight, in front of adoring dentists, tattoo artists, and hair-stylists nationwide, and to sit back while the Posi-Prene belted out its truth. In reality, this process is more postal than theatrical, but the feeling is still there, the feeling!

Some of the unique benefits of Posi-Prene latex-free gloves include:

  • Powder-free
  • Made from Polychloroprene
  • Latex-free
  • Nitrile-free
  • Economically priced

The latex-free Posi-Prene medical gloves offer all the benefits of a synthetic glove with better elasticity than nitrile and a higher tensile strength than nitrile. Enjoy extended wear and comfort.

Other Latex-Free Options at Clinical Supply Company

One of the best things about shopping with Clinical Supply Company is that you have more options for your staff to test out.

Consider some of the other options we have when it comes to latex-free gloves:

When you choose Clinical Supply Company, we allow you to spend more time on your practice and less time shopping. We offer a generous selection of latex-free gloves, powder-free gloves, and nitrile-free gloves to help you keep your staff safe and your patients protected.

Try Before You Buy with Clinical Supply Company

One of the perks of Posi-Prene life is that we can fold up a few pairs of gloves and mail them to potential customers all across the country. What better way to introduce ourselves than with a convenient peek at our polychloroprene latex-free gloves? In the earliest stages, we mailed out a dizzying number of glove samples with the humble hope of turning heads and collecting feedback.

Ah yes, and we also hoped folks would want to order a case or two. If you order from Clinical Supply, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced the childlike delight of receiving Posi-Prene latex-free glove samples in a large envelope.

Cut to five years later: As far as being the perfect sales icebreaker, free glove samples just won’t quit. The process (and the latex-free gloves) speak for themselves in a way that transcends the typical sales pitch.

Instead of flat-out asking prospects to buy our products, or sending emails advertising ourselves, we simply call prospects (usually dental practices) and ask if they’d like to receive free latex-free glove samples in the mail. Our sales team will ask how many people in the office would like to try gloves and in which sizes. We sure didn’t invent the free-sample method, but we find this check-it-out-for-yourself approach to be way less psychologically taxing than other methods. The customer gets a firsthand evaluation of texture, grip, durability, performance, color, spiritual vibe, etc., and they rest assured that Clinical Supply is here to provide high-quality dental supplies at your request.

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