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CSC: The Small Business Benefit

CSC: The Small Business Benefit

          Nothing is music to our ears as much as “we usually buy everything from_____, but we really loved these gloves you sent us…” When we hear that, we have to play it very cool. Phrases come to mind such as “our plan is working;” “we got ‘em!” and “that’s one small step for small business kind…” etc.

          We take great pride in the quality of our Posi-Prene gloves. They have a tendency to lead our prospects to reconsider the up-front convenience of ordering from a large distributor like Schein or Patterson. That’s what a great product should allow its customers to do— take a fresh look at your business routines, see where adjustments can be made, and keep an open mind for change, even if it’s not the way things have always been done. Whether you’re a longtime Posi-Prene enthusiast, a cautious newcomer conducting research, or somewhere in the middle, here are a few things to expect when ordering from a small, mighty business like Clinical Supply and what being a small business allows us to do.

          Hold onto your hats for this announcement, folks: we don’t have the client base of a company that’s been around for seventy years! That’s ok. Our size enables us to assist our customers how we’d like to. We can spend as much time as necessary to ensure that you have everything you need, to your satisfaction. Unlike bigger companies that rely on a sprawling market share and massive customer bases to keep their business moving, we generate our momentum by keeping our customers happy and creating space for dialogue. Where larger companies can be strained to offer the same personalized ordering process to all customers, it’s our priority to offer as much assistance as you need.

          Within Clinical Supply itself, everyone in our company plays a few different critical roles. Because the number of hands on deck is smaller than in companies like Schein or Patterson, we all wear several hats to accomplish our goals. As we share and learn more about each other’s responsibilities, we create a sense of ownership and care for our actions throughout the company that is difficult to find with the big guys. “How does the Clinical Supply Kum Bah Ya help me?” you may wonder. Beyond offering our full cooperation for any question, concern, or comment you’d like to share with us, keep in mind that our services grow with your needs. Within the last 5 years we’ve added over 25 new products to our inventory, a Live Chat feature to our website, and a rotating schedule of special pricing products (also available on the web site). The website itself has come a long way in a short time I might add.

          The beautiful paradox of small business pride is that most big businesses started out small, becoming “big guys” at some point along the way. We don’t plan to take over the exam glove world, per se, or to grow so much that we have to sacrifice our priorities. But as we’ve shown, we will service our customers with whatever they need so that one day Clinical Supply can be that “one stop shop” that people usually buy everything from.