Twist Prophy Angle


Twist Prophy Angle

Twist Prophy Angle


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The dental supplies you use in your office can make all the difference for your patients and your staff members. These twist dental prophy angles reduce hand fatigue, increase comfort and avoid cross contamination. Shop Clinical Supply Company for a full selection of affordable options for your medical office.

The first and ONLY ergonomically designed dental prophy angle that provides a 90° reciprocating “back and forth” rotating motion for continuous contact with non-stalling controlled pressure and pressure on tooth surface.

This patented oscillating motion:
● Reduces hand fatigue
● Increase patient comfort: Offers a smooth, quiet performance to eliminate frictional heat build-up to keep the tooth surface cooler.
● Avoid cross contamination: Uniquely patented oscillating engineering eliminates fluid splatter from potentially infectious particulates.
● Fast and convenient: Increase efficiency and save chair time with single-use disposable dental prophy angle with a soft web cup and ribbed flair edges, designed for faster stain removal, easily applying and spreading prophy paste, etchants, tooth whiteners and other dental medicaments. 

Product Name: TWIST® Prophy Angle 
Latex: No 
Made in USA: Yes 
Worth Knowing:


1. Attach Twist dental prophy angle to your handpiece and run it at the same speed as you would any other disposable dental prophy angle (4000 RPM's are ideal for optimum results).

2. Maintain constant speed and contact, gliding from tooth to tooth, for as long as necessary to clean and polish all surfaces.

There is no need to lift, dab or dot Twist on and off the teeth.

Twist will not generate any uncomfortable heat and will not stall while using firm pressure.

3. Always operate the Twist drive shaft in alignment with the axis of the handpiece. DO NOT flex Twist at an angle to the handpiece.


Part #: TPASC